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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sitecore releases 7.0 Update-4 (rev. 140120)

I am happy to announce that Sitecore today has released 7.0 Update-4 (rev. 140120).

Sitecore 7.0 Update-4 is a regular maintenance update which contains a few improvements and addresses a number of issues.

The main highlights of this update:
  • Includes all the fixes from 6.6 Update-7.
  • A number of issues related to Item Buckets and Sitecore.ContentSearch have been addressed.
  • A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been fixed.
  • A number of situations where the system did not log sufficient audit information have been addressed.
  • A number of issues have been fixed where the system used the client language instead of the content language.
  • A number of issues related to the Package Installation wizard and the Package Designer have been addressed.
  • The Sitecore clients now support configuration of session time-outs.
  • Contains a number of improvements and fixes related to serialization of items, users, and roles.

Everything is already available on SDN, including:
  • The release notes which describes the improvements and fixes in this update
  • The update page which contains download links for the full distribution, as well as instructions for updating existing Sitecore solutions to the update.
Happy coding!


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