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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

CMS 5.3 to CMS 6 Database Conversion Tool Released

I am proud to announce that the CMS 5.3 to CMS 6 Database Conversion Tool was officially released this week.

The tool can be found on SDN as usual:

Be sure to read the documentation before using this tool. Most of the issues that was reported for the beta version have been fixed, but we still have a small number of known issues left.


  • Document supporting the conversion tool says, "this tool is to convert Sitecore CMS databases from version 5.3.2 rev.090212 or later to 6.0.2 rev 090507." and also the upgrade package comes with the tool has the naming "". Can I ignore that and upgrade V5.3.1 rev071114 to latest available version? - Melbourne

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 01:37  

  • Hi,

    Nope, you have to upgrade from v5.3.1 to 5.3.2 first.

    Luckily, this is a straight-forward process, as described on the following page on the Sitecore Developer Network:
    Upgrading from v5.3.1 rev. 071114 to 5.3.2 rev. 090212

    Best Regards

    By Blogger Kim Hornung, At 15:06  

  • Thank you very much for the response. I am in the middle of upgrading. - Melbourne

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 02:58  

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