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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sitecore releases 7.0 Update-3 (rev. 131127)

I am happy to announce that Sitecore today has released 7.0 Update-3 (rev. 131127).

Sitecore 7.0 Update-3 is a regular maintenance update which contains a few improvements and addresses a number of issues.

The main highlights in this update are:
  • A large number of issues relating to Item Buckets and Sitecore.ContentSearch have been addressed, including performance issues and issues that affected multi-instance solutions.
  • A number of issues related to the Multilist with Search and Treelist with Search field types have been addressed.
  • A number of issues related to using the Sitecore clients with out-of-process session state modes have been addressed.
  • An issue in CMS 7 has been fixed in the breaking links dialog that could cause the system to remove too many links from Rich Text fields when selecting the "Remove Links" option box.
  • The logic for changing the traffic type for visits has been updated, and the Change Traffic Type field has been removed from the Campaign template.

Everything is already available on SDN, including:
  • The release notes which describes the improvements and fixes in this update
  • The update page which contains download links for the full distribution, as well as instructions for updating existing Sitecore solutions to the update.
Happy coding!


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