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Sunday, October 22, 2006

What to expect from this blog?

I'm quite busy at the moment (probably not very suprising - who in the IT business aren't busy these days!?), but as a teaser, here is a list of some of the articles that I would like to write as soon as I find the time:

  • How to implement your own ribbon commands in Sitecore v5.3 (but this might as well end up as a scrapbook article)
  • A simple way to override Sitecore login box
    Use case 1: You want to retrieve back-end users from a custom data storage such as a CRM system
    Use case 2: Back-end users are stored in multiple different locations (AD, Notes, Sitecore)
  • Strategies for performance optimizations and troubleshooting
    This would most likely be links to existing SDN5 articles about IIS content expiration, Microsoft LogParser, caching, the rendering statistics API in Sitecore v5.3, etc.


  • Thanks for 2 excellent days, and for the cert :)


    By Blogger Peter J., At 15:58  

  • Hi Kim,

    Added you to the bloglist :).
    Impress us ;-).

    - Alex

    By Anonymous Alex de Groot, At 19:16  

  • Don't forget to mention the CRL Profiler when it comes to profile memory useage in a ASP Net Request!....

    And, yes, btw, thanks for two great days of Sitecore nitty gritty discussions!

    By Blogger Dennis S., At 20:12  

  • I have high expectations about this blog - blow me away, and I will by you a "Gin and Tonic" as back in the old days.

    By Blogger Runi Thomsen, At 10:55  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 00:28  

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