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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More CMS Updates Available

During the last 1½ weeks, Sitecore has released yet another two CMS 6 updates.

November 4th, we released 6.3 Update-3 (rev. 101029) which contains a number of fixes related to scaling and multi-instance setups (in addition to some other fixes).

And November 11th, we released 6.2 Update-5 (rev. 101105) which fixes a number of issues (some of them already fixed in 6.3 Update-2 or 6.3 Update-3). In addition to this, the update contains a number of fixes and improvements related to Lucene search and the quick search function.

So why two updates so close to each other?
For these updates, we have once again decided to work in parallel instead of waiting for 6.2 Update-5 to be released, then wait x amount of time before we would have merged the changes into 6.3 Update-3.

Instead of incurring such a delay on the release of 6.3 Update-3, we felt that it was important to address the issues related to scaling and multi-instance setups.

And at the same time, we had a number of fixes that we would like to release for 6.2.

The next step will be to release a 6.4 Update-1 which rolls all of the fixes contained in the 6.2 and 6.3 updates into 6.4 (in addition to a number of other fixes and improvements). And at some point in the future, we expect to release a 6.3 Update-4 which will merge the Lucene/quick search fixes from 6.2 Update-5 to 6.3, as well as merging the new "ProfileItemDatabaseSetting".

What are the consequences of this?
If you are on 6.2 and plan to move to 6.3 soon, you should probably not install 6.2 Update-5 (since you'll "lose" the fixes that were resolved in this update in relation to Lucene and quick search, as well as the new "ProfileItemDatabaseSetting).

And as always, we recommend that you only update to a newer version if you need a fix or feature which is contained in one of the newer versions.

Questions or feedback? Drop a comment or mail me at kh at sitecore dot net.


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