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Friday, August 05, 2011

CMS 6.4.1 Update-3 is now the recommended version

To all the people who subscribe to our "Issues and Patches" mailing list, I must apologize up-front for being lazy and simply copy/pasting the information from our newsletter...

The only extra thing that I can add is that we've (as part of this release) have published a new version of the Japanese distribution to fix a wrong phrase in the Sitecore start menu. The revision number of the Japanese distribution is therefore 110803, not 110720.

Sitecore CMS 6.4.1 Update-3 - New Recommended Version
Sitecore is proud to announce the availability of a new Recommended Version of CMS 6 (full version number: CMS 6.4.1 Update-3 rev. 110720). This release contains improvements that should be of interest to every Sitecore partner and customer.

Sitecore recommends this version for future installations in most cases, however, later version may be more appropriate in some cases, such as when your website requires or resolves some known issues that might affect your website, in which case it will be appropriate to install that version.

The new release is available for download at the Sitecore Developer Network:
Download 6.4.1 rev. 110720 (6.4.1 Update-3)

You can download the recommended version as either a full installation program or as a Sitecore update package that you can use to upgrade Sitecore installations that are based on previous releases.

Sitecore strongly recommends that customers and partners upgrade existing installations to this new release. The upgrade process involves using an automated installation wizard and applying a minimal number of manual configuration file changes.

For a full set of upgrade instructions, visit the 6.4.1 Update-3 download page.

Please note that customers running earlier releases of Sitecore that have had hotfixes applied should check with Sitecore Customer Service before performing the upgrade to ensure that the update package includes the changes applied by their hotfixes.

Happy coding!


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