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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Using non-recommended releases in production environment

When I posted my note about the release of 6.4.1 yesterday, an interesting question was posted as a comment:
When to expect a 6.4.x recommended version (now 6.2) to use for production environments?

And the answer is easy: You don't have to wait for 6.4 to become recommended before using it in a production environment.

As we write on the Versioning Policy page on SDN:
Sitecore fully supports every new release including those that aren’t recommended versions.
Before you decide which version of Sitecore you should use on a new production environment, you should investigate the later, non-recommended versions. If there is a later version that contains some new features that your website requires or resolves some known issues that might affect your website, it makes very good sense to install that version.

1) Sitecore fully supports new releases, including CMS 6.4
2) It's appropriate to go live on a non-recommended version/update if it contains features that your website requires or if if resolves some known issues hat might affect your website.

But if you are in doubt, then we recommend that you discuss this with your Sitecore partner before making a decision.


  • Another perspective on Sitecore's recommended version policy:

    Just don't bother reading the comment spam.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 17:29  

  • Thank you for the link to Kerry Bellerose's blog post.

    As you'll notice, his blog post essentially provides the same information as the Versioning Policy page that I linked to above.

    By Blogger Kim Hornung, At 17:41  

  • Thanks for this article after my question in the earlier post.

    The company which uses Sitecore has the policy to upgrade only to recommended version. At this time there're no issues or new feature requests.

    In this case users have to work with 6.2 as long as it stays recommended (while 6.4 perhaps could give a better experience).

    Therefore my question how long it will take before 6.4.x will be recommended.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 22:04  

  • I am not in a position to answer your question about when 6.4.x will become recommended.

    If the customer does not have any issues with 6.2 and currently do not need the new features in 6.4, then I think it’s appropriate for them to stay on 6.2 until we change the recommended version.

    By Blogger Kim Hornung, At 13:34  

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