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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Two CMS 6 Updates Released

This week, Sitecore has released two CMS 6 updates. So let me use this opportunity to explain a bit about how they relate to each other.

Monday, we released 6.3 Update-1 which contains a number of fixes related to the Japanese localization of the CMS and the setup.exe.

And Tuesday, we released 6.2 Update-4 which is a regular "maintenance" update which fixes various issues.

You can see the full details about what issues these two updates resolve on the CMS 6 Release History page on SDN.

So why two updates so close to each other?
For these updates, we've decided to work in parallel instead of waiting for 6.2 Update-4 to be released, then wait x amount of time before we would have merged the changes into 6.3 Update-1.

Instead of incurring such a delay on the release of 6.3 Update-1, we're going to release a 6.3 Update-2 which will merge the fixes included into 6.2 Update-4 to 6.3. The 6.3 Update-2 will be released as soon as it is ready (no ETA yet, sorry guys).

What are the consequences of this?
This means that if you install 6.2 Update-4 and later move to 6.3, then you'll "lose" the fixes that were resolved in 6.2 Update-4.

But for all practical purposes, this should not affect many customers or partners. I for one would be surprised if a large number of customers decided to first move to 6.2 Update-4, then more or less immediately to 6.3 Update-1. But only time can tell how wise our decisions are.

Questions or feedback? Drop a comment or mail me at kh at sitecore dot net.