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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sitecore releases 6.5.0 Update-2 (rev. 111123)

I am happy to announce that Sitecore today has released 6.5.0 Update-2 (rev. 111123).

Sitecore 6.5 Update-2 is a regular maintenance update with addresses a number of issues and also contains several improvements.

The main highlight in this update is that it introduces support for running the Sitecore user interfaces in Internet Explorer 9.

There are still a couple of known issues when running IE9 (see the IE9 known issue on SDN for details).
The main issue is that to use the Page Editor, Preview or Sitecore Debugger in IE9, you must enabled Compatibility View mode in IE.

In addition to IE9 support, this update addresses several important DMS and Engagement Automation issues, as well as a number of Page Editor fixes and improvements.

Everything is already available on SDN, including:
  • The release notes which describes the improvements and fixes in this update
  • The update page which contains download links for the full distribution, as well as instructions for updating existing Sitecore solutions to the update.
Happy coding!