Sitecore Development / Kim Hornung

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sitecore releases CMS and DMS 7.1 (Initial Release)

I am happy to announce that Sitecore today has released CMS and DMS 7.1 rev. 130926.

This is the intial release of CMS and DMS 7.1.

The major features and highlights in this release are:
  • SPEAK UI framework, a UI framework for building web applications.
  • New SPEAK dialogs for inserting links to Sitecore items and for selecting media are used in a number of places.
  • Rules Engine enhancements.
  • The Sitecore Item Web API (previously available as a separate download) is now distributed as part of the CMS.
  • Sitecore MVC now supports Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4, along with other fixes and improvements.
  • All supported browsers now render the Sitecore Desktop and other Sitecore clients using "standards" mode.
  • Starting with this release, Internet Explorer Compatibility View mode is no longer supported.
Everything is already available on SDN, including:
  • The release notes which describes the new features, improvements and fixes in this release.
  • The downloads and updates page which contains download links for the full distribution, as well as instructions for updating existing Sitecore solutions to the release.
Happy coding!